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Leybold Co., Ltd. was established in the Yaesu area of Tokyo in 1905.

With the support of our customers who form the foundations of Japan’s industrial world, we have been in business for over a century. The secret to our success is the frontier spirit that has been close to our hearts since we were first established.

Leybold has opened up new markets, providing a large number of machine tools and industrial machines from overseas to suit the needs of each era. But through our long history, we have learned that no matter how outstanding these technologies and methods are, it takes more than simply importing them to help our customers grow their business. Elements such as the size and specifications must then be customized to suit the Japanese market.

Only then can we provide products that help our customers’ businesses to grow. As a trading company, we are a bridge between our customers and the manufacturers, and our mission is to add value to the products we sell. By working to meet every detail of our customers’ needs, we aim to help Japan’s industrial world advance even further and contribute to society at large.

Representative Director & President

Kimihiro Hisatomi