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Timeline of Our History

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1905 L. Leybold Co. GmbH established.
1951 Kiko Boeki Co., Ltd. established (capital 1 million yen)
1953 Capital reached 3 million yen
1954 Name changed to Leybold Kiko Co., Ltd
1960 Opened Osaka Branch
1963 Capital reached 30 million yen
1964 Capital reached 50 million yen
1969 Opened Nagoya Branch
1977 Capital reached 85 million yen
1980 Name changed to Leybold Co., Ltd
1989 Opened Yokohama Research Institute
2003 Opened office in China
2007 Gained a permit for machinery and tool installation in the construction industry
2010 Yokohama Research Institute changed to Yokohama Branch
2014 Opened Kyushu Office
2017 Moved Head Office to Nihonbashi